This is seriously one of the coolest ideas we’ve heard in a while, and for real- we’ve been using it constantly since we’ve been to the launch of Academie Bronz’ Express Magic Radiance Drops a few  months ago. You just mix a few drops into your moisturiser and voila! Glowy face tan done! You can put more drops for a stronger look or less for more subtle.

bronz' express magic radiance drops

I love having the control of how strong the tan will be. I’ve sometimes used only 2 or 3 drops for a real natural tan, or i’d use 6 drops for a stronger bronzed look. Either way, the tan looks completely natural.

I’ve also been mixing it into my body moisturiser and tanning my legs after the shower. Because it mixes into your cream, it comes out so natural and there is no need to worry that it would be streaky or patchy. I’ve been using my hands just as I would be putting my moisturiser.

I will absolutely continue to use this product and will definitely purchase it again!



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