Hey 🙂 As you guys might probably know, we are again part of the Chad Valley Play Panel this year, where we get to review and let you know about some of the fab toys from Argos’ own brand Chad Valley. The first toy Leon got to review is the Chad Valley Thunder Dome Race Set.

He was SO EXCITED when he saw the packaging and couldn’t wait to get it built with our help. He already started playing it while we were building it, and even before the batteries went in. (please note, batteries are not included, so make sure you get some)

It took about 5 mins to build, and you can see from the video below, Leon loved how fast the cars go in the track. He was racing them against eachother.

Leon in his own words: “The racetrack is super awesome cool. I love the way the two cars go at the same time, and sometimes they even crash into eachother. Thats sooooooo cool”

It is €19.99 and you can Buy it here



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