My lil Mutiny Kid had a chance to try out a Snuggleboo from Irish company and she absolutely loved it.

These gorgeous sleeping bags are 100% organic cotton on the outside and 100% organic cotton lining (even the care label is cotton) and come in a range of sizes from 10lbs to age 4.

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As soon as Penn put it on, she curled up and said it was softer than a marshmallow! She’s right, the fabric is so so soft. And should you let sticky marshmallow fingers near it, popping in a 30-40 degree wash will have it good as new!

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The poppers on the bottom mean it can be made to fit for a smaller child. Penny is wearing one that fits a 3 year old when folded, and when unbuttoned, was roomy for her to stretch right out.

Mutiny Kids Snuggleboo review 6

The sleeves are detachable too, attached using nickel free poppers.

Mutiny Kids Snuggleboo review 8

I loved that with one sleeping bag, you have an item that can be extra cosy with the sleeves in the depths of winter, and for warmer evenings, they can be removed.

Mutiny Kids Snuggleboo review 2

So from giddy pre bedtime legs in the air shenanigans…..

Mutiny Kids Snuggleboo review 4

To arms in the air like you just don’t care….

Mutiny Kids Snuggleboo review 13

….To bedtime story face…

Mutiny Kids Snuggleboo review 9

….and “ok kid, it’s time to lie down now” cheeky grins

Mutiny Kids Snuggleboo review 10

When finally the cosiness of the Snuggleboo kicks in, and yawns follow…

Mutiny Kids Snuggleboo review 11

No four year old can resist closing their eyes (disclaimer: mine can, but that’s nothing new) and finally drifting off to a cosy comfy sleep in their Snuggleboo.

Mutiny Kids Snuggleboo review 5

With their little toesies safely tucked inside, there’s no risk of the drop in temperature during the night waking them, as their blanket falls off (Up to 18 months have a harness flap for buggy or car seat) They zip from the top down so little fingers can’t open them – and the zips are covered for the same reason. As seen in our video, at Penny’s age they are well able to find the zip, meaning when they wake in the morning, they can get themselves up, dressed, make their school lunch, bring you breakfast in bed, pop their snuggle boo in the laundry, and head off to school with a wave….. No? Too much to ask? Oh ok then.

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COMPETITION!!!!! Thanks to we have one of their amazing gift boxes to give away.

The gift box will arrive packed in a luxury box. This box includes a SnuggleBoo sleeping bag, 3 bibs of your choice from their babyboo bandana range and a gift card. To enter, check out our Facebook and Instagram posts. You can enter on either or both! All you have to do, is comment and like (with a bit of sharing never going astray either!) the Snuggleboo picture.

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EDIT: 6th February 2017

Thanks so much to everyone who entered! We have a winner!

The Babyboo gift box is going to Rachael Rochford. Email us at MutinyKids (AT) gmail (DOT) com with your address and we will pass it on to so they can send you your prize.

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To see the full range have, check out their website here

Penny wears crown by Fable Heart

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