I’ve two favourite memories from the ‘back to school’ time of year, and that’s seeing my friends again, and new stuff. Now as a parent, as I prepare to send my kid off to preschool, I am enjoying the gathering of those back to school…or indeed ‘starting school’ items.

Lunch is probably my favourite part of the day, so in the first of our school items posts this week, we’ll show you some of the lunch boxes that are on the market. We know those little cuties will probably convince us to buy the cartoon character styles, (superhero branded everything), and that’s ok. BUT, if you can get away with it…here are some other options.


Rice @ Kidsen, €14.08. You can buy it here




Yumbox @ Mira Mira, €37.95. You can buy it here




Sistema Quaddie @ Tesco, €8.99. You can buy it here




Bento Lunchbox, Aladdin @ Howards Storage World, €19.95 You can buy it here





Lunch Box Tin, Belle and Boo, €14.09 You can buy it here



Lunch box, Ikea, €5. You can buy it here



Lunch Bag, Polar Gear @ Heatons, €7. You can buy it here 




Cool Lunch Bag, Asda, €11.27 You can buy it here

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 03.01.27

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