You may have seen on the Mutiny Kids instagram page that we have a giveaway running to win a pair of shoes. You can find it here. Did you fall instantly in love with them? We did.

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Not only are they the sweetest, these shoes have the added benefit of giving the ‘barefoot’ experience to first time walkers. Because babies’ feet are a different shape to adult feet, they need space to allow their undeveloped bones to stay in the natural position for as long as possible.

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Babies and young toddlers will often have their toes curled, which is the normal and natural position. By putting them into hard soles it forces them into a different shape than they should be in. The Bimble shoes have soft pliable soles which is much healthier for developing little feet.

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Their gorgeous design allows wiggle room meaning first steps can be taken in comfort and without restricting movement and growth. The hardwearing but soft leather moulds to your child’s feet so that they become the perfect shape for them.

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And, as all parents will attest too, the fact that they STAY ON is a huge plus too. (I may have had a new-mom hormonal cry at the side of the road once when I realised Penny had only one shoe on. She was oblivious and I spent WAY too long that day retracing my steps to find a shoe, that let’s face it, wasn’t worth it cause it was only going to fall off again!)

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The benefits of barefoot shoes for young children (and even adults) are becoming more and more recognised with Facebook ‘fan’ groups popping up discussing new and exciting brands that fit in with the ethos.

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Bimble is a family run business and the shoes are handmade in a small workshop in the UK.

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They are the perfect shoe to move from one season to another. While the days are long and warm, little bare feet comfortably sit inside the soft leather. As we move to colder days (a little too fast here -brrrrrr)  they can be paired with tights and leggings.

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Bimble shoes come in a range of colours so you’ll find a pair to match with any outfit. We LOVE these metallic ones which fit in perfectly with this season’s trend for anything and everything shiny!

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I can’t get over how sweet these are. They are the perfect first shoe, not only for the health and comfort of your babies’ feet, but also because they will be shoes that you will want to keep and display once they are outgrown. A little memento of those precious first steps.

Bimble shoes are recommended for children from age 6months to 2 years. They are €52 and you can buy them from the website

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