As lucky participants of Argos’ play panel, Penny received her ultimate parcel recently. Inside was Chad Valley’s Cupcake Animated Unicorn. For a horse and unicorn obsessed little girl, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened the box. And to find out that he was interactive too, was the icing on the (sorry) cupcake!



I couldn’t believe how big he (you’ll see from the videos that we are undecided as to whether Cupcake is a he or a she) was. A definite WOW present. IMG_6170

Here are Penny’s first thoughts when I’d read out what it says on the box. The grooming is definitely her favourite thing to do, and even before the batteries were in, she was lovingly stroking and grooming her new friend. The cuteness! (and yeah, the ‘thanks mom and dad?’ we totally took the credit for this gift! Thanks for the parenting brownie points Argos!)

A few days later, and after lots and lots of playing with Cupcake, Penny was still as much, if not more so, attached. This is the most groomed unicorn in the world ever. If only she was as happy to have her own hair brushed!


What I love about Chad Valley toys is that their toys are all about promoting imaginative play, as that is so important in our little one’s daily lives. I adore nothing more than getting all caught up in games with her, and being given a role (recently, despite my requests to be a princess, Ive been told that no, I am to play the ‘normal girl’ Drama school bad memories all over again – ha!) to play alongside her imagination.

Cupcake has two little cakes, and when they are held to his mouth, he makes chewing sounds.

When his mane is brushed, he moves his head happily and neighs. IMG_7183 IMG_7184

Pressing his right ear results in neighing sounds and wriggling, while pressing his left makes him neigh and walk.


This is the sweetest example of how caught up in playing Penn became. While showing me how Cupcake can walk too, she imagined the black triangles to be mud. Chad Valley’s research has shown that parents spend on average just 6.5 hours per week playing with their children, and they hope their toys encourage and make it easier to lengthen this amount of time.

Cupcake is now a very loved member of the family, being cuddled to bits at every opportunity, with a differing daily narrative. Sometimes he is the rescuer, and sometimes he’s being rescued. My daughter loves a dramatic storyline if nothing else.


We were absolutely delighted to be sent Cupcake the Animated Unicorn from Argos to review. He gets a big thumbs up from this Mutiny Mama and Mutiny Kid!

You can buy this toy here


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