Its getting oh so close to ‘back to school’ time, and although part of us is excited for calm quiet morning coffees, and possibly even a shower without tap tap tapping on the bathroom door (the luxury!), we’ll miss those little cuties.

Its also back to preparing uniforms every Sunday evening, and we had thought that also meant saying goodbye to soft comfy organic clothing. HOWEVER, this week, we have discovered, there is a wonderful organic uniform online store, and has a huge range of colour options and styles. Bonus points, because the styles they have are also absolutely adorable. Look at this pinafore!



Eco Outfitters is a uk based online store, set up by two mums, who wanted their children to be comfortable in the uniforms they would be wearing for hours each day. Moving away from toxin filled polyester, that most uniforms are made from, Eco Outfitters use 100% organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards. The uniforms they offer  are free from toxins, meaning your children can be safe, comfortable, and allergy-free while they learn.

You can find out all about the benefits of organic clothing here

Organic clothing is not only better for our environment, it is the best thing to have against our children’s skin. It is also a must for children who suffer from eczema as the harsh chemicals found in other materials can aggravate the condition.

We are absolutely delighted that their is now an on option for those choosing to buy and wear organic clothing, when it comes to school wear.

EcoOutfitters offer free shipping on orders over £75 in the UK, and don’t forget that if you are in Ireland you can use Parcel Motel to avail of that deal

They also have a range of eco friendly lunch bags and boxes, which you can buy here

Happy shopping (just keep focused on that quiet morning coffee….it’s happening soon….)

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