On a cold dark winter’s evening, late in December 2015, Mutiny Kids Creates had the pleasure of shooting a short editorial for Fable Heart. As we oohed and ahhed at the sparkles, we couldn’t help but feel the magic that comes about when you are surrounded by these works of art.

Fable Heart reopened its shop this week, to much excitement. Drop 1 includes the Rose Gold Crown and wings that Ilmur wears in these images.

Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 12 Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 7 Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 9

We wanted to create a magical world inside the studio, one that might be imagined up by the little ones who will pop on their crown and wings to play. We wanted it to give a warm comforting but moody vibe that would embrace all seasons and encourage all ages to, as is Fable Heart’s motto ‘believe in dress up’. Ilmur was so relaxed, the little sweetheart fell asleep on the sheepskin for this image. Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 4 Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 11

We have an exclusive look (who doesn’t love to know whats coming next!?) at the upcoming antique gold colour, which is sure to be popular for birthdays and events, or as we plan… to wear 24/7. It is so beautiful. Luxurious, ethically made and definitely something you’ll want to have forever….a keepsake that can be played with and enjoyed for years.

 Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 17

Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 1

The crowns have a unique safety function, meaning they are safe for all ages. They are hand crafted and brought to life by a small group of talented women who work together bringing the magic of Fable Heart to your door. Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 2

Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 3

Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 16

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Fable Heart on a few occasions now, and not to play favourites, but this collection may just be ours. In a little over a year, owner Claire has created an enchanted dress up box, that encapsulates all that we want for our children’s childhood.

Fable Heart Mutiny Kids Creates 14

You can buy the Rose Gold Crown here and the Rose Gold Wings here

fableheart.com+rose+gold+crown  fableheart.com+rose+gold+wings

Some other new designs that have been released are the Blossom crown which you can buy here and the Cloud Crown which you can get here

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There are so many to choose from for your prince or princess, your king or queen, your wizard or wizardess (is that a thing?) or…for you. And its not just crowns and wings. We love the addition of wands, capes and can’t resist the pom poms… which you’ll see here and here



Whether you are already a Fable Heart fan, or are just being introduced to this brand, we are delighted to offer you the chance to win a Rose Gold Crown of your own.

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image by Ciara Jones Photography

Have you entered? Great….well one last thing. Fable Heart have some more magic on the way. A collaboration with Jerome Monnot and Angel Perez of Sound Ark Studios, here’s a snippet of the stunningly beautiful video that will be released during the summer.

I bet you definitely believe in dress up now…but just in case…

You can visit the Fable Heart website at www.fableheart.com where you’ll find more about the faces behind the magic, and you can shop the entire range here.

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