This week the H&M Studio range launches and it is out of this world types of amazing. A mix of street style and playful pieces with vibrant graphic art prints.


We can’t get enough of the nod to space and the solar system which is sure to capture kids’ imaginations. Starbursts trousers, moon boots, and THAT rocket bag, to be honest, we’d wear the whole collection ourselves (The Studio range for the Mutiny Mama, can be seen here and its incredible)

4135_SL_422 4135_SL_438 4135_SL_439

We are loving that, there are a few choices of outer wear in the collection too, and no one will mind putting on a coat when it’s one of these!


H&M KIDS STUDIO AW15_Coat _EUR 49.99 4135_SL_4104135_SL_4074135_SL_402

As quick as a flash we will be heading towards the festive season, and this sparkly skirt is going to be a NEED



Its hard to narrow down our wish list (one of everything please!) but here are our top 5 from the H&M Studio kids range.

1. THIS skirt. Wearing a piece of art. 4135_SL_429



2. We loved the Unicef All for Children woollen trousers from last year, with the metallic knee patches, and these jeans are the perfect upgrade for AW154135_SL_427



3. COLOUR!! This is the piece we will be shoving our Mama arms into, trying to make it fit US!




4. And maybe this one too….





5. The sweetest little robot we ever did see, and he’s also









































all starry eyed for the collection! 4135_SL_417


The campaign pictures are fab, so here’s a little taster of what all the cool kids will be wearing this season, as we mix and match our studio range purchases.

4135_PR_445_sRGB_300 4135_PR_448_sRGB_300 4135_PR_447_sRGB_300 4135_PR_446_sRGB_300 4135_PR_444_sRGB_300 4135_PR_443_sRGB_300 4135_PR_442_sRGB_300 4135_PR_441_sRGB_300 4135_PR_437_sRGB_300 4135_PR_436_sRGB_300 4135_PR_435_sRGB_300  4135_PR_430_sRGB_300 4135_PR_427_sRGB_300 4135_PR_425_sRGB_300 4135_PR_423_sRGB_300 4135_PR_421_sRGB_300 4135_PR_420_sRGB_300 4135_PR_419_sRGB_300 4135_PR_418_sRGB_300 4135_PR_416_sRGB_300 4135_PR_414_sRGB_300 4135_PR_412_sRGB_300 4135_PR_410_sRGB_300 4135_PR_407_sRGB_300 4135_PR_406_sRGB_300 4135_PR_402_sRGB_300 4135_PR_401_sRGB_300 4135_PR_428_sRGB_300 4135_PR_422_sRGB_300 4135_PR_417_sRGB_300  4135_PR_413_sRGB_300 4135_PR_411_sRGB_300 4135_PR_409_sRGB_300 4135_PR_408_sRGB_300 4135_PR_405_sRGB_300 4135_PR_404_sRGB_300

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