Both Mutiny Kids Penny and Leon, turn four in the next few weeks, so we’ve been checking out party websites and pinterest for ideas non stop recently. So far they are sticking with horse/unicorn and ‘superhero mash up’ as their themes.

North Kardashian had her third birthday party this weekend, and chose a mermaid theme… maybe slightly influenced by the fact that her mama already had a costume (and kimoji !!!) perfect for a making a (tabloid) ‘Splash’

Kim kardashian kimoji mermaid mutiny kids

Kim has a kimoji ready for every occasion

North and her cousins wore the cutest little costumes and it looks like everyone had a blast

Mutiny Kids kardashian-mermaids-6Mutiny Kids kardashian-mermaids-2Mutiny Kids kardashian-mermaids-3

Kim was happy to share she could recycle a halloween costume from 2012 although isn’t rocking the blonde look these daysMutiny Kids kim kardashian mermaid costume 2012

Our mermaid love is way more influenced by this movie (who remembers it?) Our Facebook followers will know how much we love to CHER the love, right?


and even this one will have us belting out the tunes and wishing we had a shell bikini (you’re singing all the songs now, aren’t you?)

the little mermaid mutiny kids

So, despite not getting our invite to the most recent Kardashian bash….(sigh) here are our outfit choices if someone else has a mermaid party soon….

Swimsuit €50.79 Bang Bang Copenhagen @ Monkey McCoy You can buy it here

Mutiny Kids+SS16+Maria+Mermaid+Swimsuit

Mermaid dress €34.95  €24.45 Molo @ Mira Mira. You can buy it here


Mermaid costume €19.99 H&M You can buy it here 


Shell bag €8.99 New Look. You can buy it here.


The cartoon Mermaid has got to get a mention… Bikini €12.99 You can buy it here.


Beach comb bag €49.43 I love Gorgeous. You can buy it here.


Part-time mermaid tshirt €12 Marks and Spencer. You can buy it here

mutiny kids marks and spencer mermaid tee

Let us know if your little one (or you!) loves mermaids… I think a mermaid/under the sea room post might happen soon!

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