The first week of November is when we pack away our pumpkin themed socks and moccs, cheekily check out that ‘christmas’ tab on our favourite online stores. We can’t help feeling we might try to drag out the gap between halloween and Christmas, just a little.










So here it is, everywhere we look, daddies, uncles and brothers, are all taking part in the charity event that is Movember. Where growing a dodgy looking moustache is definitely worthy of a donation to charity. Here is a link to who we are supporting!

The shops are full of cute little moustache themed items. Here are some of our favourites

Stockist list

Hook is from My Red Hand Gang

Light switch from here

Cushion can be found here

Rug is linked here

Moustache bag from Scandinavian Minimall

Large wall decal from here

Mini brown wall decals from here

Both posters Miniwilla and Moon man are from Cissywears.

Written by Lili Forberg