So, as I’m sure many of our readers know by now, I’m now 23 weeks pregnant with the newest member of Mutiny Kids. Yay! As the positive appeared on the stick, I almost instantly got excited for dressing my imminently changing body.

I imagined blogging my daily outfits from the get go, researching all the maternity brands and ensuring that I spent time looking after my self confidence, embracing my own style and ensuring I didn’t end up feeling frumpy and huge like last time.

Postive pregnancy test - Mutiny Kids

About two days later, I started puking. And…. continued to do so for another 15 weeks. Constantly. My face stayed pale, makeup-less and grumpy. My hair grew some extra grey, and was styled only by the tossing and turning of my head on the pillow. My only saving grace was two pairs of glorious pjs which I switched between. One pair from Frank and Nora, and one pair from The Bright Company. I’ve actually just had a look for a couple of photos of myself in either, and you know what, no one needs to see that. So here are my legs in my Frank and Nora badger print pjs from last weekend

Frank and Nora PJ on Mutiny Kids

You can buy them here

The Bright Company also make deliciously comfy pjs. This is not me, and bears no resemblance to me during the latter half of 2016. For one thing, this gorgeous model seems to be perfectly happy to sit up. Yeah, I didn’t do much of that. Anyway, I buy mine from Irish stockist

Bright Company Mama Hyms

When I finally could make it out of the house, the first thing I bought was a denim maternity dress from H&M. As you can see, makeup was still not high on my priority list, and neither it seems was cleaning my extremely dusty mirror. I also didn’t really have a bump. I had early pregnancy bloating and sore boobs. Hence the miserable face. I was happy on the inside, I swear.

Sooby Lynch Mutiny Kids OOTD 1

I do love this faux leather top, which I wear a lot. Its from Zara and you’ll find similar here on sale for €5.99!

Hat, Shoes and tights are all H&M a couple of seasons back.

Christmas came and went, and I may or may not have worn the aforementioned pjs to as many festive events as I could. New Year passed by with me donning the same uniform. And then, hallelujah! The second trimester kicked in and so did my ability to apply make up, and get back outside again.

Here are a few of my recent outfits

Mutiny Mama ootd 12012017

I’m rarely without one of my leather jackets. This is from H&M and I always buy a size smaller than I am, so it fits snugly. It was 39.99 in early 2016, and you’ll find a similar one here.

My jeans are Mollys from River Island, with which I am using my ULTIMATE maternity style must have: A Belly Belt from Bella Baby. I haven’t liked any of the maternity jeans I’ve bought. They all seem to fall down after a few hours and none have a skinny enough leg for my liking, making them baggy around the knee. I’ve been using the band, and am really happy that I can still fit in all my fave jeans.

It comes with a few different colour options and sizes, and I’m only wearing the smallest size now, so it should last until 40 weeks.

Bellybelt Combo Kit-1

Shoes are as before

Jumper and Choker are from Penneys/Primark

Mutiny Mama ootd 06012017

I really am loving these boots, aren’t I? Here are a similar pair from Schuh for €35.95!

My jeans are again, another pair of Molly’s from River Island.

The blanket – lol – and vest top are both H&M. I’d HIGHLY recommend H&M vest tops as they are long, (so cover up the belly band!) and are super stretchy. I loved layering them when breastfeeding too. Pull one up, and one down and wa la, no need for a separate breastfeeding wardrobe.

My amazing necklace, which I’ll show properly in my next post, says Mutiny Mama on it and its customised from Punky Pins

Mutiny Mama ootd 03012017

This super comfy tube skirt is probably going to see a lot of wear over the coming months. I’m wearing it here with a leotard (I bought a size bigger than I usually am and so far, they fit great) and an All Saints cardigan

My trusty adidas superstars could probably do with a lick of a baby wipe….

It was around here that I realised I hadn’t been to the hairdressers in about four months, and that I really really missed my fringe so….

Mutiny Mama ootd 14012017

New hair, hurrah! In keeping with the idea of staying within my own style, I’m trying not to buy too many specifically maternity pieces. However, I did pick up these leather look leggings from ASOS Maternity and they are THE most comfortable things I’ve EVER worn! Layered vests are as before, jumper is Bershka and blazer is about 8 years old from River Island. I like it cause its quite fitted so is giving the illusion that my disappearing waist still exists.

Ankle boots are Jeffery Campbell

Mutiny Mama ootd 13012017

I’m not convinced this is the best look. Does my belly look less baby, and more beer? Well, it was around now that it popped, and I picked up these stretchy pants from Bershka for comfort! They’re €19.99.

Pink Jacket is also Bershka and is €35.99

T-shirt is Mere Soeur. It says ‘Stay Strong, Mother Hard’ Well, ok then!

Runners are Penneys/Primark

Hat is Rain and Conker (and belongs to Penn!)

Mutiny Mama ootd 16012017

I loved this dress from Zara, and as has now become a thing I do, ordered in a bigger size. I didn’t really need to. Its quite roomy, and small would have given me a few more months of wear. As it is, the straps fall off my shoulders a little. I look forward to styling this in a heap of different ways over the next few months though.

I can’t find the exact one online (but I expect its still in store) but here is a similar one 

Sooby Lynch Mutiny Kids OOTD 4

Ok, I kinda lied. I did buy SOME maternity stuff. These harem joggers are on sale on ASOS now, and fit under the bump. Great for school run and days working from home.

Shoes are H&M

Slogan jumper is Bershka

Sooby Lynch Mutiny Kids ootd

I reached the height of feeling ok, good even, and so headed over to Dot to Dot trade fair in London. Afterwards, was a girl’s night out with the fab Dreaming Always ladies, and so I squeezed into my pre pregnancy faux leather skirt from River Island. Teamed it with a halter neck body suit and the sparkliest velvet and sequinned bomber from Primark/Penneys.

Bag is the ‘mom purse’ part of my Tiba and Marl Changing bag which I bought in Young Hearts.

Rings are from Chupi

I’m going to try keep a regular update going here. Hopefully I’ll manage to work with what I have in my wardrobe, and mix and match some new pieces that can be used post baby too. If anyone has some great maternity style tips for me, and everyone else, please do share them!

Thanks so much for reading

Sooby xxxx

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