Excitement levels are high here at Mutiny Kids, because we have finally booked a short family holiday. Packing has commenced and straight into the suitcase are our Om Baby items.

How gorgeous is this handprinted, hand made onesie? Designed to be easy to wear, comfortable and sized to last for months. Penny loves anything that she can dress herself in, and this om-sie as its called, was really easy to put on and wear.

Mutiny Kids Om Baby Harem onesie

Penny is one fussy girl about clothes. She absolutely chooses clothes based on how they feel above everything else. She loved how soft this onesie was and how it was just one item to make her outfit! You can see the other colour ways here

mutiny kids harem romper om baby

Up until two years ago, Penn wore cloth nappies (don’t knock ’em til you google HOW amazing modern cloth nappies are these days!) and it was always a priority that clothes fit over her ‘chunkier than a disposable’ nappy bum. Om Baby clothing is designed to fit over every nappy, and still leave wriggle room for those fast growing babes.

We also have these harem pants which will be debuted on holiday, no doubt teamed with a David Bowie tshirt! You can buy them here

Mutiny Kids Om_Baby_Zag_harem2_large

We chose monochrome, but there is a range of colourful fabrics which you can have a look at here. I think our next pair will be these. Look how gorgeous! If I had a small baby,  I think these are what I’d dress them in for a wedding or event.

Mutiny kids Om_Baby_Edie_Harem_large


The fabric is handprinted using traditional wood block tenchique in India. Then each garment is handmade by Alice Aitken, owner of Om Baby.

We absolutely love all the styles available and as usual Penny had something to say.

Penny says: “I like it cause its long trousers and like dungarees, and it has a bow at the back”

You can see all Om Baby have to offer on their website www.om-baby.co.uk and you can follow them on their instagram or Facebook pages too.

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