Back to School

so its nearly back to school time! HOW is the summer nearly over? Our two are starting Senior Infants on Thursday and since they don’t wear uniforms, we already planned a few outfits which will be great to mix and match throughout the year. The kids had a ball catching up and shooting their outfits…. Read more »

To Market To Market….

Following on from today’s Instagram post, we take a look at some of the best toy shops and market stalls. Kidkraft Grocery Market Place, €119, Mimi’s Toys. You can buy it here   A play version of everyone’s favourite Cissywears store! CW x LMTP tent, €139.50 , Little Me Teepee. You can buy it here…. Read more »

Back to school with Tk Maxx

Last week we had a chance to head into TK Maxx and have a look at the kids section to see what was on offer.  Penny is heading back to school in two weeks, and doesn’t wear a uniform, so we focused on an outfit suitable for that.  Despite the warm summer, we know the… Read more »

Healthier Apple Muffins

Healthier Apple Muffins This is the easiest snack to whip up, its pretty healthy and DELISH! Ideal for after school snack, or to stick in your bag when you’re out and about! Leons school doesn’t allow chocolate, so if you would like this for the lunchbox, just leave out the chocolate chips and substitute with… Read more »


Say it with flowers

and when I say flowers, I mean a flower bouquet made out of biscuits from Biscuiteers!   Aren’t these such a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift? These are from the mother’s day bouquet luxe biscuit tin which is £45 and you can buy them here      

banana yogurt coconut oat muffins with white chocolate

Healthier Banana Coconut Oat Yogurt Muffins with White Chocolate

These muffins are waaay healthier than regular muffins and are a really good little treat for breakfast or after school. They are super delicious and moist and your kids will LOVE them! Also, (which is most important for me) they are super easy to make and take about 5 mins. All in one bowl. Ingredients… Read more »

Mothers Day Gifts for Magic Mamas

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (THIS Sunday!) it’s time to pick up a gift for your mama, your mom friend, or even (sure why not!), yourself. You may just want to send some not so subtle hints. Feel free to forward on this post. With small and independent businesses suffering after enforced closure last week,… Read more »

Esme and Ivy – launch their debut collection of dresses

We’ve been fans of Esme and Ivy since their brand started. With the most dainty of bonnets, you can’t help but find yourself embracing a slower pace when you dress your little one in the traditional style hat. Now you can add a little more of this beautiful brand to your child’d wardrobe, with the… Read more »

TotsBots Playtime Collection

Today sees the launch of Tots Bots latest collection ‘Playtime’. The Mutiny Tot wears cloth nappies and Tots Bots kindly gifted us the collection for review. We love Tots Bots anyway and I have used them since Penny was in nappies until she potty trained. They’re super user friendly with a velcro closure that, unlike… Read more »

  • World Book Day and Writing For Tiny

    If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairytales. ~ Albert Einstein Happy World Book Day We expect there are lots of little ones headed into school today dressed as The Grufflo, Harry Potter and Uni the Unicorn. Mutiny Kids LOVE books…. Read more »

  • Issue 2 We are Mutiny Kids Photoshoot

    Let us introduce to you, The WE ARE MUTINY KIDS photo shoot winners for issue 2 Thank you so much to everyone who entered. We had a super hard job trying to narrow it down, but we think you’ll agree, these kids are going to ROCK their shoot with Lili Forberg. Say hello to Aoibhe,… Read more »

  • Which is more expensive

    We asked which was more expensive Did you guess right? Which would you buy? A is from Zara and costs €16.95 You can buy it here B is by Mini Rodini and costs €49  You can buy it here  

  • Which is more expensive?

    We asked which of these two tulle tutus was more expensive?   A is from Zara and is €17.95. You can buy it here   B is Junior Gaultier from Alex and Alexa, and is on sale at €91.50. You can buy it here.     Did you guess correctly? Which do you prefer?

  • Monochrome Monday

    The Jacket Baby Bandits had just started as we went to press in December. They now have a huge following thanks to their super cool style, including this varsity jacket. You can buy it here   The Bag We heart Tiger Stores so much. Although you can’t buy online, (which we are glad of, cause wandering… Read more »

  • Sunday Best

    A little outfit inspiration for all those spring/summer events, that require a little bit of being dressed up (no, sorry, unfortunately, you can’t wear your Elsa costume today…its eh, in the wash) We think at formal events, its cool for kids to look smart, once they are comfortable, look like kids, and feel like themselves…. Read more »

  • Sophie La Girafe Cosmetics

      If you’ve had a baby, given a gift to a baby, or been a baby in the last 50+ years, chances are you have had a Sophie la Girafe toy. Made to be the perfect shape and size for a small teething baby, its the toy most parents have in their handbags for out… Read more »

  • Friday’s Finds – a day in Bubble

    A very last minute Friday’s Finds post after a super busy week. This week Mutiny Kids went to Bubble London. We got to check out some of our favourite brands like Molo. We are loving their SS15 collection, soon to be seen in issue 2 of Mutiny Kids. AW15 though, its mind-blowing! Here’s a sneaky… Read more »

  • Which is more expensive?

    We asked which of these dresses was more expensive.     The answer is A, the bunny dress. Its from Finger in the nose and is €45 (reduced from €80) The panda dress is from H&M and is €7.99   Did you guess right? Which do you prefer?

  • Mutiny Kids Monochrome Monday

    Starting the new year, with a weekly edition of monochrome. So many of our favourite brands have ridiculously cool black and white items. Some have even chose to stay with those two colours. One of our friends, and favourite instagram accounts is Jools and Birdie, @Dancewithdirtyfeet who can be found here. They rock monochrome like… Read more »