Penny has a new favourite toy. Her namesake, Penelope Bunny from the wonderfully talented Vanessa Byrne at ilka.

With our favourite holiday season, JUST around the corner (bunnies, pastel colours, spring flowers and CHOCOLATE, what’s not to love?) we decided to take a little pre-Easter photo.

The shot, of Penny, wearing bunny ears from Dunnes, the Rock Your Baby celebration skirt from Mira Mira and leotard from H&M, sitting with Penelope Bunny, turned out to be quite cute.


We’ll ignore the fact, that when I posted it onto my personal Facebook page, some people thought this was a pregnancy announcement. It absolutely is NOT. I may just have been indulging in some of that pre Easter chocolate, ok? After all, Cadburys cream eggs are released the day after Christmas. I’ve been sampling them (almost) daily, just to make sure they are still as delicious. (They are)

Looking back on the photos that didn’t make the cut to being the faux pregnancy shout out (I’m doing sit ups as I type), it gives a good indication why most photos of toddlers are a blur. They move, a lot!

Here are the outtakes:

First, she wanted to sit on HER chair… the little one.


When I did get convince her to get on the big one, she sat eating the bribe, ignoring the bunny.


She tried to hold Penelope Bunny’s hand… and ended up looking like me after one of my cream egg binges…SLOUCH!



She really does love her though.



Two seconds later, and she was done


And three seconds after that she had changed into another outfit



Did you spot the gorgeous Penelope Bunny and her friend Sapphira Swan amongst the pages of Mutiny Kids Issue 2? Have a look, everything is linked to the ilka site so you can shop.

Here’s the link to the bunny, with her original hat that she comes with (you can buy more in store!) Penelope Bunny from Ilka

We think she is the perfect addition to your Easter Basket



*this is not a sponsored post, we just love ilka 

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