Today is launch day for Quinn and Fox||AW15 Colourless Campaign.


As always, these guys are all about the message they want to get across, and not just about the aesthetics of the ridiculously cool, urban, and stylish clothes they make.

Their message is clear. Quinn and Fox and their 100% organic cotton range is made for children, and not by children. They are passionate about the fact that their clothes are made from scratch in America, and you can be sure they are involved in each step of bringing their clothes to the market.

You can view their beautifully made campaign video here

As much as we appreciate their message and are more than happy to agree with and promote it, on a more frivolous note, we are so super excited about the range, and how it LOOKS!!!! I mean, they have collaborated with some of our absolute favourites Lucky Boy Sunday and Young Double

Yes, there are Roxy Bear Leggings by Young Double

Quinn and Fox AW15 roxy bear legging


and this Nulle combo



And its not just well known talent they have included in this highly anticipated collection. Addi W, age 6 was the design artist for the ‘I’m so cool’ tshirt. What a way to start life your career, eh?


Some will argue that the price points are high, but with Quinn and Fox’ message coming across loud and clear, this may be as god a time as any to look why other clothes we can buy, are cheaper. Perhaps the quality is not as good, the cotton is not organic, or maybe, just maybe, that cheap tshirt has not being ethically made. As tough as it is to let your mind wander there, when you are holding a basket of bargains, it is something Quinn and Fox would like us to think about. We’d love to know your thoughts on Quinn and Fox using their brand as a message. A place to ask people to think before they buy, and to consider what might be behind the clothes you and your children are wearing.

And while we do that, lets check out the stunning imagery from the Quinn and Fox AW15 Colourless Campaign look book

_MG_2792 _MG_2668 _MG_3212 Quinn Fox-089- picture 2 _MG_3601 _MG_3931 Quinn Fox-189_MG_0994 _MG_3706 _MG_2560 _MG_2901

As previous customers we can attest to clothes that are super soft, hardwearing and look as new, after numerous washes.

One of our favourite prints has to be the harlequin. There is a dress, baggy pants and leggings in this print and we can imagine they will all fly off the shelves.

As always, their ‘Messy Hair Don’t Care’ logo adorns a tshirt, and has a new buddy with “Don’t Cut My Hair’

Quinn Fox-145

The dresses are absolutely beautiful. We can’t choose which we prefer!

rough diamond dress vintage cheetah dress katy smail dress dip dye dress


And as I finish up typing, we are approaching launch time. We will be shopping for our Little Nulle items over at Junior Edition.

Whether you purchase something to support the message Quinn and Fox are shouting from the rooftops, or because trying to resist that Little Nulle face is futile, we are fairly sure no one will regret having a little bit of the Colourless Collection in their kid’s wardrobe.


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