OK. We are totally obsessed with this brand and the Mutiny Kids Mamas are about to order all the items in Shapes of Things in mama size too. (And yes, they actually exist!!) We actually LOVE every single item in their range so it is pretty hard to pick favourites as this post would be waaaaay too long.


Penny and Leon absolutely adore their tops so much! They loooove seeing how the holographic print changes colour when they move.


Penny is wearing polka dot grey Tshirt €31.76 check out the Tshirt range here  Leon is wearing Tri Tri Grey Sweatshirt €44.46 buy it here


How amazing is this interactive lined-up print, featuring this fun parallel line design using multi-coloured, reflective, neon, and gloss lines on black super soft jersey. They are made in the UK (Glasgow) using 90% cotton and 10% viscose, handmade so each one is individual!

Get in Line Black Tee €31.76 Buy it here


And you guys neeeed to check out the baby range.. its just divine!

Polka Shapes Black Babygrow €29.85 Buy it


Polka Shape White Baby Jumpsuit €38.11 Buy it here


Also not to forget their lifestyle range which is equally amazing and we want all of it.

This Oversized Triangle Mono Cushion €58.40 buy it here would look soooo awesome in the kids’ (our!!) rooms!


Check out www.shapesofthings.co.uk




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