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I wanted to show you the cutest book I got for Leon for Easter. (I already showed it to him to see what he thought of it, so I can tell you all about it!)  The book is called Leon’s Snuggle Bunny. You can personalise it with your own child’s name when ordering. Leon was so excited to see his name in the book. He knows to read his name (actually it’s one of his favourite things!)


In the first page you can leave a little message and a picture which is so sweet.  Leon thought it was so cool that he was in the book!

‘HEY!! How did I get in there? Thats so cool’ were his exact words.

IMG_7894 IMG_7896

The book talks about all the ways that Snuggle Bunny loves him throughout the day. From a hug in the morning to snuggle time in the evening, the Snuggle Bunny counts ten ways that it expresses affection for Leon.


Leon’s favourite part was seeing his name throughout the book! On the bunnys backpack, on his cushion and hat!

IMG_7898 IMG_7899

We also got ours with a real snuggle bunny and Leon adores him and takes him to bed every night! The sweetest easter gift! You can get it from www.iseeme.com


Snuggle Bunny Book £21
Who Loves Me? gift set £31.50

I See Me books are available to UK customers with a turn around time of just 2 weeks and shipping of £6.50

There is 20% off on the site until Feb 19th!


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