So we know this post would have been good before the bank holiday weekend, BUT  we wanted to properly test all the sun care products on our own little Mutiny Kids during the sunny days and see which ones they prefer as well So here it goes, our top 6 suncare products for kids.

Penneys / Primark PS… Sun Protect Sun Spray Soleil


So this list is in no particular order except this one which is our absolute top fave!
This is SPF 30 and Leon absolutely LOVED the fact that it was green and smelled like strawberries. It rubbed in really well, plus we played with water in the garden and it was definitely water resistant too. I re-applied it every hour and his skin was perfect at the end of the day. If your child has really sensitive skin (which Leon does have, and this product didn’t effect him at all) There is also the PS… Sun Protect Sun Cream which is fragrance free for Sensitive Skin and is spf 50

Nivea Sun Caring Roll-On SPF 50+ or SPF 30 (we tested the 30)

nivea sun roll on mutiny kids

This one is a really lovely idea especially for kids who are not keen on getting their sun cream on, as its really easy and fun to apply. It takes two seconds because of the roll on ball and is so easy to re-apply. Our favourite part is that it releases the sun cream evenly and just the right amount so that you are not left with too much.

Bioderma Photoderm KID SPF 50+


We tried this one a few days ago and absolutely loved it. It is so gentle on delicate skin, it is very high protection and is fragrance and paraben free. We would totally recommend it for small kids and babies, esp while on holidays and in the water as it withstands repeated bathing.

La Roche Posay Anthelios Dermo-Kids Lotion 50+

la roche posay baby anthelios dermo-kids mutiny kids

This lotion is specially formulated for delicate baby skin. It is a bit thicker than the rest so needs to be rubbed in more, but the day we used it we hadn’t re-applied as often as the others and it protected the skin perfect.  It is perfume and paraben free.

Organic Children Sun Lotion SPF 30

organic children sun lotion mutiny kids

This sun lotion is so gentle for delicate skin, is natural and has no nasties. It is scent free and is 78% organic. It is water repellent and is suitable for eczema and prickly heat sufferers. Leon doesn’t suffer from eczema any more thankfully, but he did as a baby so this would have been ideal for him then. Now too when we tested it, it worked a treat. We Re-applied every hour as we do with every sun cream and it was perfect!

Soltan Kids Sensitive Ultra-Light Suncare Spray SPF50

solton boots kids mutiny kids

This ultra light spray rubs in really easily and is quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave any white marks. It also leaves no sticky residue so sand doesn’t stick which was sooo perfect for our beach holiday in Poland a few weeks ago!! It was definitely water resistant as Leon went splashing in the Sea with it.



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