It’s always a good day, when it’s a Tots Bots new print launch day. Today, they’ve released THREE new prints in their new Elements range. They are GORGEOUS! Mutiny Tot Marnie was lucky to be sent them earlier this week, to try on and try out.


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Look at these patterns!


Let us introduce WHIRL


This one is RUMBLE


And finally BEE


For those of you who don’t know much about cloth nappies, they are ridiculously easy to use. Once used, you pop them into a wet bag (or bucket), and when that’s full (after a couple of days), you unzip and put entire thing into the washing machine. The following day they are dry and ready to be used again. Saving a heap of money (if you can refrain from buying every single cute nappy on the market!) and the enviroment


Tots Bots close with velcro, making them incredibly simple to open and close. I’m finding them really absorbent and they even last 7-9 hours at night for Marnie at 3 months old.


At less than 10lbs, she’s only tiny, but the BEST thing about these nappies, are that they fit from 8lbs up. They’ve 3 different settings, so they grow with your baby. She’s at the smallest setting now, and with the pop of a button or two, they will grow with her until she is potty trained.


The smallest, middle and largest size settings


At the smallest setting


The middle setting


The largest setting

The new prints are available in Easyfit, Teenyfit, PeeNut and also in bags and mats. You can shop the range on

Thank You Tots Bots for gifting us with the new Elements range. We are DELIGHTED with them.



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