Ok so we’ve looked at clothes  gifts and ways to turn your home into a LOVE zone for Valentines Day. But yeah, we get it, for some people, it’s just not a big deal.

Could we tempt you with a witty card though?!

These ones are from Moss Cottage. You can see the full range here

We’ve always been a fan of Bold Bunny’s designs. There’s even a fancy smancy gold foil option if your person is indeed LOVED. You can see the full collection here

New to the scene this year is Pretty Mean. They’re cracking us up with their to the point, ‘this love-day thing is flippin’ nonsense isn’t it, but I still do actually like you lots’ message. You can see the collection here. 

So go on, you’ve loads of options. Only a couple of posting days left. Don’t leave it until Tuesday… you’ll be busy eating pancakes!

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